Mar-In Controls b.v. HeadquarterMar-In Controls B.V. was founded in 1981 as a company dedicated to the development of instruments and process equipment. Internationally oriented from the outstart, Mar-In Controls B.V. equipment has seen widespread adoption on vessels and in the industry all over the globe.


Innovation has been a cornerstone of Mar-In Controls B.V. since its foundation. Our unique patented 2-matching block Capillary design, the heart of our Viscotrol Viscosity meter, has been in development since the company’s founding, and continues to be the focus of our attention and effort. Mar-In Controls B.V. continuously evaluates new materials and techniques for possible inclusion in its products to produce high-quality lasting products.


In 1985 the first Fuel Supply Modules for use on board vessels based on the Viscotrol Viscosity meter were delivered to our customers. Development continued on these modules and currently we supply a full range of customized skid-mounted modules for use both on board ships and land based power plants alike.


Our mission has always been to provide added value to our customers by applying both knowledge and experience in creating top-of-the-line customized solutions to meet their needs. To that end, we provide constructive suggestions and feedback during the design phase, full assistance during deployment when desired and dedicated after-sales support to keep the equipment in good working condition.