Emission Control Areas and Low Sulphur Fuel


Emission Control Areas and Low Sulphur Fuel

Enquiries in relation to the requirements for the consumption of low sulphur fuels in Emission Control Areas (ECA) are not uncommon. Many of the enquiries received by the Club have concerned disputes, or potential disputes under time charterparties.


An Artificial Nose Sniffer "Monitoring Ships' Emissions Compliance.


The sniffer - photo: Johan MellqvistThe sniffer - photo by: Johan MellqvistSince the turn of the year 2015, ships have had to comply with new and stricter environmental requirements. As a result, the amount of harmful sulphur in the air over Denmark has more than halved. An ‘artificial nose’ fitted on the Great Belt Bridge is checking whether ships are complying with the rules.


China introduces tough emissions control rules for ships.


ECA Area ChinaChina has published new regulations designating three areas as sulphur control areas effective January 1st 2019. Eleven key ports are allowed to impose requirements for fuel burned at berth as early as January 1st 2016. Mandatory port requirements will go into force January 1st 2017 for all ports in designated areas.