The Viscotrol designed by Mar-In Controls B.V. is a heavy duty on line viscosity meter used to measure and control the viscosity of low-grade and intermediate heavy fuel oils with the highest possible degree of precision and accuracy. The system is based on a gear-type metering pump which withdraws fuel samples from the main stream and propels it continuously through a Capillary, creating a laminar flow. The measured pressure drop across the Capillary is proportional to the absolute viscosity in mPas.



  • Fast response due to the backflow pattern, which prevents poor transfer in the measuring section.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain due to split body Capillary design.
  • The patented, Teflon-coated Capillary prevents the build-up of oil sediments to the Capillary wall. The Viscotrol will therefore remain unaffected by poor quality heavy fuel oil.
  • High precision and reliability throughout the lifetime of the Viscotrol.
  • Available in both pneumatic and electronic versions.