A system designed to detect aerated Heavy Fuel Oil (H.F.O.), known as the cappuccino effect, when bunkering at one of the international seaports.


HFO Quality checker vessels

H.F.O. Quality Checker
The current economic climate presents many challenges to ship-owners, most notably the high costs of the fuel required to operate the vessel. The global economy requires vessels to travel to, and obtain fuel in ports where the rule of law is less prevalent. The high price of fuel oil coupled with the absence of law enforcement can give birth to a number of illegal activities that can cause huge economic losses. One such an activity that is becoming more and more prevalent, is to mix air and Heavy Fuel Oil (H.F.O.) to increase the volume of the oil and extract higher payments of the ship-owners. To combat this practice and to ensure that the amount of oil paid for is actually delivered to the vessel, Mar-In Controls B.V. has developed a new ship-based measurement system. This solution provides ship operators with an invaluable tool to ascertain the presence of air in the fuel at any moment during the bunkering process. This will ensure that oil containing 1-10% air is swiftly discovered, and that immediate action can be taken to halt further intake.



  • Instantly detect, and prove any attempt to deceive. Disputes can be quickly settled in the ship-owners favour.
  • Easy to install, maintain and operate.
  • The tank provides direct access for visual inspection of the oil. This gives our system a distinct advantage versus competing solutions that rely solely on measurements.
  • Based on proven and widely deployed Mar-In Controls B.V. technology, ensuring reliability under even the most demanding conditions.


H.F.O. Quality checker


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