Mar-In Controls B.V. offers a wide range of standardized Ring piston, Vane type and MAG flowmeters and watermeters for Marine and industrial applications. With practically constant measuring precision over a wide range of oil viscosities and a measuring tolerance of approximately 1% or 0,5% (depending on the model), these meters allows for the best possible monitoring of consumption.

For an even more precise measurement of the amount of Fuel used, the Flowmeters can be delivered with an Electronic flow computer, improving read-outs to an overall high precision.

For bulk loading and aircraft refuelling, Mar-In Controls supplies a specialised line of  Bulk meters designed for the highest possible accuracy and dependability. Based on a simple yet highly efficient design, these meters combine a long lifespan, accuracy and easy service and maintenance.



  • The Mar-In Controls B.V. Flowmeters are available in different sizes, connections (flanged and threaded), throughputs and body materials with a wide range of options, including high temperature (180°C) and REED or inductive pulser modules.
  • The Flow measuring system (with flow computer) combines a selected pair of flowmeters for precise measurement and calculation of mass.
  • The Bulk meters are designed for a long lifespan, with the constantly immersed rotor and rotor blades being the only moving parts.
  • The Bulkmeter counter head is based on a standard Veeder-Root unit, registering on five large figure drums. A smaller eight-figure series of drum records the total quantity. An Electronic version with various options including temperature compensation and explosion-proof execution is also available.