Mar-In Controls B.V. offers a wide range of Control and Thermostatic valves, available in the flowing forms: Globe type control valves (2-way and 3-way), Rotary plug types 3-way, Butterfly and Diaphragm valves. Designed for heavy use, these valves combine excellent characteristics with high reliability and flexibility.



  • The Rotary plug type 3-way valves have been specifically designed for large flow cooling water control for Diesel engines. Options for these valves include electric or pneumatic actuators, allowing them to be used in combination with the Mar-In Controls Temperature control station.
  • The Globe valves are available in 2-way single or double seated and 3-way forms, with the choice between spring & diaphragm or electrical operation. Globe valves are manufactured in two versions, a low-cost series suitable for steam, water gas and thermal oil and specialised series of heavy duty Control valves designed for high pressure feed water or steam application.
  • Available for a large range of Cv/Kv values.
  • Implementation of special cage type trims to prevent cavitations or reduce noice levels.
  • Water type butterfly valves are available in sizes from 50mm to 400mm.
  • Choice of body materials depending on the application.
  • Available in low and high line pressure executions